Evaluation of RTLS

At a glance

Relying on a standard and reproducible method, Fraunhofer IIS can evaluate your indoor localization system in a highly-precise and automated manner. The tests are designed to help manufacturers and users understand how the underlying technology of their localization systems is actually performing.


Evaluation of RTLS
Evaluation of RTLS

The automated tests are carried out at our one-of-a-kind L.I.N.K. Test and Application Center:

  • 1,400 square meters of test space
  • Unique, automatic 3D positioning system with repeatable accuracy of 1 to 2 millimeters
  • Highly-precise 3D laser reference system with accuracy in the sub-millimeter range
  • Reference measurement floor [DWH1] for precise measurements in the centimeter range
  • Transparent acquisition of information by combining various technologies and IT infrastructures with real business processes
  • Standard localization technology reference installations
  • Standard or customer-specific scenarios

Simulation and Testing are possible in various areas


Manufacturing and automobile technology

Logistics and material flows

Ambient assisted living (AAL) and medical technology

Security technology

Home and building management

Asset management/equipment administration

Sports and leisure applications

Our Offer

With our extensive experience in the field of localization and identification, we are the ideal partner for independent analyses and technology optimization. The evaluation tests from Fraunhofer IIS provide an objective and independent verification of the performance of your system.

Create transparency and turn your ideas into reality with individual solutions from Fraunhofer IIS.