Research Area Positioning

Tailored Solutions for Positioning


We add value to digital processes so that they can drive value creation. As an R&D partner with many international contacts, we combine our own technologies with those of other market players to provide customized hardware and software solutions.

  • Portfolio of over 10 Fraunhofer technologies
  • More than 20 years' experience
  • Expertise of over 100 computer scientists, electronics engineers and business scientists
  • Our L.I.N.K. Test and Application Center provides a world-unique environment for the evaluation of positioning and navigation systems under near-to-real-life conditions

Positioning - At a Glance


We offer positioning and navigation solutions tailored to the specific needs and applications of partners in a wide range of industries, whether it involves single modules and components or turnkey solutions.



We have more than 10 positioning and navigation technologies that can be adapted, enhanced and combined into custom prototypes and systems for our partners. We cover the entire value chain, from development platforms for R&D activities to licensable products for sales partners.



There is an appropriate localization solution for every application. With offering a wide range of localization technologies we can meet every customer's need.

Testing Facilities

In developing positioning and tracking systems, it is vital to test the right technology in real-life conditions as soon as possible in order to save time and money. For this reason, we operate several test beds.


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