awiloc® Indoor Positioning, Tracking and Navigation


Whether at work or at leisure, people are more mobile today than ever before. At the same time, production and processes in the industrial environment are increasingly digitized and mobile in the course of industry 4.0. This means that real-time position information for location-based services (LBS) is gaining in importance. However, common localization technologies, such as GPS systems, are reaching their limits, especially in buildings or industrial sites, as the satellite signal is easily shielded. To ensure that localization does not end at the building door, an Indoor Positioning System (IPS) must resort to other localization methods.


awiloc - autarke Indoor Positioning

Fraunhofer IIS offers with awiloc® a positioning software solution specially developed for indoor localization. awiloc® does not require its own signal network because it uses the characteristic field strength distribution of existing radio networks (e.g. WLAN or BLE). Based on field strength measurements (fingerprinting), the Fraunhofer IIS solution enables mobile devices to determine their position independently. Seamless localization achieves an accuracy of a few meters and is thus a perfect complement to the established satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS).

The characteristic signal strength distribution of existing wireless networks, such as WLAN stations or Bluetooth beacons, awiloc® serves as the basis for the position calculation according to the so-called fingerprinting method. Each position has a unique "fingerprint" that serves as the basis for localization. On the mobile device, the position is autarkic calculated down to a few meters by matching the signal strength distribution at the current position with the stored "fingerprints" on a virtual map.


The advantages of awiloc® technology at a glace:


Continunous positioning

Positioning in buildings as well as entire inner cities and plant areas possible.

Use of standard infrastructure

Recognition of standard WLAN or BLE stations, also works without intervention in the IT landscape.

Context-conscious positioning

allows determination of logical positions e.g. in multi-story buildings, as well as floor, room.


awiloc® does not require expensive or complex hardware and is suitable for temorary installations.


Neither communication with the existing radio networks nor with a server takes place. Personal data is not collected or processed by awiloc®. An own infrastructure is not required, because existing radio networks can be used. An installation is therefore not only simple, but also efficient. awiloc® runs on popular smartphones, tablets and wearables and supports both Android and iOS.

In coordination with the supervisory authorities responsible for data protection, awiloc® technology was developed with special emphasis on compliance with legal requirements. This enables a broad and simple use for location-dependent applications.


Possibilities of applications with awiloc®

In buildings or indoor and outdoor combined, awiloc technology creates interesting applications that rely on knowledge of one's own position or that of another person or object. An industry- and environment-oriented adaptation of our solution is possible through various algorithms and configurations. The location information can be the basis for any location and context dependent application, such as:

  • Industrial applications (e.g., forklift tracking, passenger tracking systems)
  • Indoor & Outdoor navigation systems (e.g., museum guidance systems, navigation in public transport)
  • Location-based services (e.g., location-based services, LBS)

Museum & Fairs


Multimedia guides with awiloc® positioning give museum visits a new quality. They offer visitors additional content exactly where they want it - in the right location, multi-layered and convenient.



Industry 4.0

Especially in the industrial environment, production and processes are increasingly digitized and mobile in the course of industry 4.0. Real-time position information for location-based services (LBS) thus provides the basis for the implementation of location-based applications. With the awiloc® localization technology, these requirements can also be realized in the indoor area.



Smart City


With the awiloc® technology, the location in inner cities can be improved. Because the traditional GPS tracking system works poorly or not at all in densely populated city centers and in buildings, WLAN localization is a perfect complement to the established, satellite-based GPS.

Join the awiloc® alliance


awiloc® alliance

Fraunhofer IIS offers with its awiloc® alliance since 2008 the possibility for manufacturers, users and research institutions to join forces to realize innovative localization and navigation solutions in cities, buildings and industrial areas.




Precise positioning for IoT networks

Locadis® is a field strength-based localization technology for cellular communication networks. The patent-protected process is used as a software-based solution in many environments.


Meet us at the following events to experience the awiloc® technology live:

embedded world February 25-27, 2020

Hanover Fair 20 - 24 April 2020

We are happy to put your ideas into practice and, if necessary, adapt the system to your requirements. Realize your individual ideas with awiloc localization by Fraunhofer IIS. Interested? Please feel free to contact us!