Locadis® - precise positioning for IoT-networks

The positioning of people and objects is becoming increasingly relevant, especially for current and future IoT-applications. Communication technologies with the possibility of positioning often offer the added value.
The combination of the Fraunhofer positioning competence locadis and common communication technologies makes it possible to manage the high requirements of IoT-positioning solutions.

Locadis®- Taking Positioning to the next Level

Locadis® is a field strength based positioning technology for cellular communication networks. Based on collected reference values, a precise positioning for indoor and outdoor areas are possible. The patent-protected process is used as a software-based solution in many environments.

The infrastructure-based Locadis® technology is suitable for existing communication technologies such as WLAN, BLE, MIOTY or 5G. Especially for existing IoT-networks, positioning can be easily and cost-effectively integrated.

Positioning in Massive IoT-networks

The use of locadis® is particularly suitable for applications in which security, data integrity and massive multi-node operation are required. Locadis® can be used to create a comprehensive, continuous position for heat maps, trajectories or routing, as well as to provide point location for guided tours, evacuation or emergency calls.

By combining locadis® technology with various communication technologies, it is possible to serve current and future IoT- positioning solutions in Smart City and Industrial IoT sectors now.

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With awiloc®, Fraunhofer IIS offers a localization software solution that has been specially developed for indoor localization. On the basis of field strength measurements (fingerprinting), mobile devices can independently determine their position with the Fraunhofer IIS solution.


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