locadis® as the basis for the localization of hospital beds

Medical equipment such as hospital beds suffer from an extremely high level of utilization. A large number of beds are available daily in different wards throughout the hospital. If the availability of the beds is not optimally organized, bottlenecks can easily occur. So far, this has been a very difficult avoidable factor in everyday hospital life, since the position of the beds and the availability cannot be called up.

Thanks to the locadis® technology, the hospital beds can be localized precisely to the room. For this purpose, either location tags attached to the beds or existing mobile units on the beds are used. Bluetooth receivers networked by a WiFi mesh measure the signals from the beds and pass them on to the locadis® engine.

By upgrading the hospital beds with Bluetooth tags, an easy-to-install and cost-effective solution is implemented without interfering with the IT infrastructure of the clinic (e.g. network, WLAN, etc.).


The Concept at a Glance:

Beds do not need to be changed - standard beds can be used

Use of standard hardware

Localization possible with spatial accuracy

Potential for more precise localization (precise in space) possible for further applications

Anchors only need electricity, no intervention in the IT infrastructure of the clinic is necessary

Possibility of expansion to the communication network e.g. for the exchange of status information, maintenance, error detection and diagnosis