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Handy pocket size, easy to use: Multimedia guides with awiloc® location give your museum visit a completely new quality. They offer the visitor exactly the additional content he or she desires - and that as directly and uncomplicatedly as if he or she had his or her own personal guide. This sets new standards in the experience of art, culture, technology and history.

Museums and application developers in Germany and abroad rely on awiloc®, the WLAN-based positioning technology from Fraunhofer IIS. Conventional localization systems such as GPS reach their limits indoors. Here awiloc® is the perfect complement. The localization is accurate down to a few meters and does not require a networked WLAN infrastructure, just plug in the WLAN transmitter.

Offer location-based additional information

Visitors want to deal with objects in a location-specific way and experience the stories, people and aspects behind them in a multi-layered and comfortable way. This is why many museums already use multimedia guides. It is often difficult to integrate a navigation or positioning function into a multimedia guide. Established GPS systems reach their limits in buildings because the signal is shielded. To ensure that navigation and location-based information do not end at the building door, a localization technology that also works indoors is required, especially in the museum environment.

Simple installation, easy integration

awiloc® is device independent and runs on popular smartphones, tablets and wearables. The position calculation is carried out independently on the mobile device. This means that there is no data communication for position determination with a central server. The big advantage: awiloc® is tested according to data protection laws. In addition, no own infrastructure is required, as existing wireless radio networks such as WLAN or Bluetooth Low Energy are used. The mobile terminals measure the signal strengths of the transmitters and determine their position to within a few meters.

awiloc® advantages for the museum

awiloc® advantages for the museum visitor

Data protection checked

High localization accuracy down to a few meters

No data communication, no networked infrastructure necessary
Information according to your own interest, suitable for your own location

Very easy operation: no number search, no key operation

Handy format of the devices

Joint implementation with multimedia guide manufacturers

Since the first implementation of a multimedia guide with awiloc® in the Nuremberg Museum of Industrial Culture in 2010, renowned multimedia guide manufacturers have already realized more than 20 applications together with Fraunhofer IIS.

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References - Multimediaguides with awiloc®


Heinz Nixdorf Museums Forum

Since 2012, the world's largest computer museum has been using awiloc® localization. The company Antenna International realized a multimedia guide in a class of its own. The device is a modern smartphone that provides information as well as entertaining backgrounds.


NS Documentation Centre

"multimedia tours in eight languages"



"a very personal visit to the museum."


Perot Museum

NOUS Wissensmanagement GmbH has implemented an extensive multimedia project with Argumented Reality features at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas in 2013. The own location is displayed on a 3D plan by means of awiloc® localization.


State Museum of Egyptian Art

With a total of eight different exhibition tours, NOUS Wissensmanagement GmbH and awiloc® take adults and children back to the time of the pharaohs.


National Maritime Museum

"exciting events in seafaring history."


House of History Baden-Wuerttemberg

The media guide was realized in 2012 by Die InformationsGesellschaft mbH. The device is controlled via awiloc®. At the beginning of each exhibition section, the Mediaguide presents the room image and the visitor decides which background offers he wants to call up.


Museum Industrial Culture

"individual museum tour"


Nuremberg Perimeter Prisons

"Precise positioning - quadrilingual - barrier-free"