awiloc® in smart city

The awiloc® technology can be easily integrated into the Smart City of tomorrow. With the help of WLAN localization, awiloc® is a perfect complement to established systems with GPS localization. This makes localization possible and versatile despite densely built-up inner cities.

Reference Projects


Emergency call and assistance systems


With NAMES©, a robust and fault-tolerant location in the domestic environment is achieved, which functions seamlessly outdoors and in the home.


Navigation in public transport


As part of the NADINE project, a travel guide was developed that seamlessly connects public transport routes and pedestrian navigation.


Accessible tourism for senior citizens


The ACCESS research project is concerned with developing tourist offers and places in such a way that they are more perceptible for senior citizens with reduced mobility.


Barrier-free mobility for all


ways4me combines indoor and outdoor navigation with real-time traffic information retrieval and communication with public transport.