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Welcome to the awiloc® alliance

Fraunhofer IIS offers with its awiloc® alliance since 2008 the possibility for manufacturers, users and research institutions to join forces to realize innovative localization and navigation solutions in cities, buildings and industrial areas. The basis is the self-sufficient localization technology awiloc® for a terminal-based position determination that is accurate to a few meters and tested according to data protection laws.

The aim of the awiloc® alliance is to provide innovative solutions for intelligent, simple and precise positioning in cities and buildings. Whether searching for the departure track at the station, protecting single workers or tracking tools, awiloc® is always the basis for various mobile solutions that accompany, inform and support people on their way.

What is awiloc®?

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The awiloc® technology is a licensable, self-sufficient indoor localization for buildings, cities and industry.

awiloc® enables localization on any objects via WLAN or BLE (e.g. smartphones, cameras)

awiloc® allows localization even without connectivity (e.g. driver information for forklifts)

awiloc® does not require any expensive or complex hardware (standard BLE and WLAN transmitters are sufficient), works without interfering with the IT landscape and is therefore also suitable for temporary installations

More information about awiloc® can be found here.

Solutions and projects with awiloc®

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Technology in the hands

The availability of real-time location information with awiloc® inside and outside buildings enables the optimization of existing processes in many industries. The location information can be the basis for any location- and context-dependent application, such as:

Positioning of persons, e.g. for locating security personnel

Positioning of mobile end devices such as measuring devices in industry

Systems for resource planning, e.g. in facility management in logistics

Membership and Benefits

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As a partner of the awiloc® alliance you and your company can participate directly in the alliance, contribute to the development of applications and specifications of the awiloc® technology and benefit from the advantages of the awiloc® alliance:

Possibility to participate in the technical development of the awiloc® software

Introduction of requirements

Exclusive access to document server with current version of awiloc® software

Access to current specifications, working documents and information material

Server access and use of test data and statistical evaluations

Participation in partner meetings

Participation and participation in Technology Days

Joint press and public relations work


Become a member!


Become a partner and secure the opportunity to actively promote an innovative technology and help shape its further development. You can participate in the awiloc® alliance on three different levels: Use the advantages as development partner, research partner or user. Membership is possible at any time.

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Our Members

Partners from various branches of industry, business and science have joined forces to form the awiloc® alliance to develop and implement innovative indoor localisation and navigation solutions.

application partner

Albrecht Dürer Airport Nuremberg

application partner

Caritas Mecklenburg e.V. - Rostock District Association

development partner

the Informations-Gesellschaft mbH

development partner

ecom instruments GmbH

research partner


research partner

Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg

development partner

Heidelberg Mobil International GmbH

development partner

Liv tec GmbH

development partner

Map and Route GmbH & Co. KG

development partner

NOUS Knowledge Management GmbH

development partner


application partner

City Nuremberg

developmet partner

Nuremberg University of Technology Georg Simon Ohm

application partner

VAG Public Transport Company