IoT Positioning for Smart City and IIoT

The localization of people and objects is becoming increasingly relevant for current and future IoT applications. Communication technologies with the possibility of localization often offer the decisive added value. Especially for existing IoT networks, localization can be easily and cost-effectively integrated.

The combination of Fraunhofer localization expertise and LPWAN technology mioty® makes it possible to operate IoT localization solutions in the Smart City and IIoT areas.



mioty® - robust LPWAN technology for massive IoT

mioty® is a software-based connectivity solution for the set-up of safe and efficient Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN) as well as for big and commercial IoT applications. The mioty® technology is an implementation of the ETSI standard „TS 103357“.

Locadis® - precise positioning for IoT networks

Locadis® is a field strength based positioning technology for cellular communication networks. Based on collected reference values, a precise positioning indoor as well as outdoor area is possible. The patent-protected process is used as a softwarebased solution in many environments


Smart City (e.g. public transport localization, parking spot search)

Industrial IoT (e.g. Asset Tracking)

further applications in the safety, automotive and leisure sector


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The Technologies


mioty® - My Internet of Things

For large-area data transmission, mioty® is a robust wireless IoT technology that sets new standards in cost efficiency, transmission reliability with ranges of up to 15 kilometers and battery life. It is e.g. used to monitor large production plants and entire urban areas.


locadis® - Positioning for IoT-net

Locadis® is a field strength-based localisation technology for cellular communication networks. Based on collected reference values, precise localisation indoors and outdoors is possible.