Satellite Based Positioning

In many applications of everyday life (e.g. navigation) and critical infrastructures (e.g. energy, IT or mobile networks) Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) are used as information source of position and time. This requires receiver and antenna technologies that provide precise as well as reliable position and time information.

Fraunhofer IIS develops and tests satellite navigation receivers and antennas for a wide range of applications. Signals from sources such as Galileo, GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and SBAS are processed in the multi-frequency range. With this extensive R&D knowledge and our range of services, we can give you the best support for your individual project.


Precise GNSS Receivers


Development of individual and optimization of existing satellite navigation receivers for improved position and time determination.

Galileo PRS Receivers


Development of Galileo PRS receivers with integrated safety module for tamper-proof position and time determination.

Server-based Galileo PRS Technologies

Development of server-based Galileo PRS technologies with outsourced security module for even more diverse use in sovereign applications.


Galileo PRS Simulation and GNSS Test Solutions

Development of Galileo PRS test solutions with testing of functionality and performance of receiver and antenna technologies by using simulation and test.

GNSS Antennas

Development and testing of reliable GNSS antenna solutions for a wide variety of applications.