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There is an appropriate localization solution for every application. With offering a wide range of localization technologies we can meet every customer's need.


System capable of multiple configurations for detecting and characterizing jammers.


Robust E1/E6 Galileo PRS receiver with integrated security module.


Rapid and direct Galileo PRS aquisition module.


Authentification of messages and information with Galileo PRS.


Independent, cost-effective and miniaturized Galileo PRS receiver technology.


Free passage for emergency vehicles with Galileo PRS.


Developing pre-operational Galileo PRS-Receiver.


GNSS Receivers with open Software Interface.


Precise satellite-based positionin for swarm data and autonomous driving.


Precise and Robust Positioning for Automated Road Transports

Galileo Online

Development of receivers for rail applications


Control of asphalt paving machinery


Modular, energy-autonomous tracking system using satellite-based navigation with localization in wireless sensor networks.


Flexible localization solution for automated production and logistics processes.


Innovative radio-based location technology that locates people and objects in real time with high accuracy.


Wireless-based positioning architecture that also functions reliably in a challenging production environment


Automatic access control at airports


Combination of wireless localization and video technologies for monitoring vehicles, objects or people to improve airport security


For the protection of vulnerable road users by means of wireless technology


Efficient picking with JUNGHEINRICH’s easyPILOT Follow: Thanks to the precise positioning developed by Fraunhofer IIS, the picking vehicle automatically follows people and simplifies workflows during loading and unloading.

Boundless 5G

In the project Grenzenlos5G@BYBW concrete use cases for 5G in logistics under real conditions in the Swabian region are tested.

5G applications for the digitization of construction processes

In the project  Smart Construction, 5G applications for the digitization of construction processes are being tested on a real construction site.

5G: Saving lives

In the project 5G: Stadt.Land.Leben retten. together with partners, we are developing and testing positioning and networking technologies for three fields of application: emergency calls, first aid and emergency services.  


RIS4NGWB deals with the promotion of test infrastructures and studies in the 5G/6G backbone area. The aim is to demonstrate the enhancement of security and resilience in wireless backhaul. 


RedFIR® stands for an innovative radio-based location technology that locates people and objects in real time with high accuracy.

IndLoc® for material detection

The intelligent object and fill-level monitoring functionality can detect various metallic objects, accurately telling them apart without the need for visual contact. In addition, it can display the fill level of individual containers and distinguish electronic components from one another.   

IndLoc® – GoalRef goal-line technology

GoalRef goal-line technology detects exactly when a soccer ball completely crosses the goal line and the goal is valid. In this use case, the soccer ball is equipped with a passive coil that enables precise localization of the ball. The data is evaluated in fractions of a second and sent to the referee’s watch.

IndLoc® for 3D positioning

Inductive near-field positioning enables the precise position of various objects to be determined in three dimensions. For this purpose, objects or people are equipped with passive coils (e.g. in the form of bracelets – known as wearables) to track their movements.

IndLoc® for area monitoring

Area monitoring makes it possible to selectively detect the crossing of boundaries. By establishing a geofence, specific areas can thus be demarcated and controlled, providing effective protection for employees and objects.

Museum and Fairs

Multimedia guides with awiloc® positioning give museum visits a new quality. They offer visitors additional content exactly where they want it - in the right location, multi-layered and convenient.


Testing of new strategies and technologies for linking the transportation system and energy supply as well as for navigation in buildings.

Positioning in Car Parks

For conventional navigation systems, it's usually over by the time they enter the parking garage. The GPS signals cannot penetrate the concrete ceilings or scatter too much. 


Precise positioning for IoT-networks.


ways4me combines indoor and outdoor navigation with real-time traffic information retrieval and communication with public transport.

Mobile Walk

GPS-independent localization in the cities of Erlangen, Nuremberg and Fürth. 


In the future, online functions could be integrated into "NaviScout" to provide information about currently starting or postponed panel discussions and forum contributions, for example.

Route Train Navigation

awiloc® as a basis for the routing of route trains.

Indoor positioning

Flexible and cost-effective localization of industrial trucks with awiloc®

Smart KPI determination

CPS in on-site transportation: measuring efficiency with automatically generated key values


Mobile information systems for personal safety at large events with awiloc®


With NAMES©, a robust and fault-tolerant location in the domestic environment is achieved, which functions seamlessly outdoors and in the home.


As part of the NADINE project, a travel guide was developed that seamlessly connects public transport routes and pedestrian navigation.


The ACCESS research project is concerned with developing tourist offers and places in such a way that they are more perceptible for senior citizens with reduced mobility.


Localization and navigation services for positioning in connection with emergency and care systems

Holodeck VR

The future of virtual reality