Specific Localization Solutions

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There is an appropriate localization solution for every application. With offering a wide range of localization technologies we can meet every customer's need.

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For security-critical applications, maximum reliability is imperative. The key is knowing where people and objects are located and in what direction they are moving.



Localization in connection with logistics applications can offer an added value for other areas as well.



Our integrated positioning and navigation solutions lead to more transparency and more efficient processes. Intelligent positioning systems are a vital element of Industry 4.0.

Health and Quality of Life

As far as health and quality of life are concerned, discretion and reliability are paramount. Our positioning technologies give people more independence and help minimize risks.



In the field of traffic and automotive engineering, protecting other road users is just as important as supporting drivers. Our precise, reliable and highly-available positioning technologies, which are accurate to less than one meter, open up brand new fields of applications.


Trade Fairs

Visitors to trade fairs often struggle to keep an overview. In the projects run by Fraunhofer IIS, visitors can put together their own personalized list of exhibitors and be guided directly to the booths they select.  


Museum Industry

More and more museums are discovering localization technologies for themselves and incorporating them into their visitor services. The technology brings visitors closer to the exhibits in a smart way, turning a museum visit into a novel experience.


RTLS systems offer the opportunity to provide athletes, spectators and the broadcast media completely new types of information, thus allowing spectators to enjoy games from a completely new perspective and helping the media attract additional viewers.


Public Transportation

Our positioning technology helps make public transportation more convenient and flexible. Navigation aids organize trips that combine various modes of transportation and help assure a stress-free journey.

Information and Entertainment

To ensure that public and commercial information is not only up to date but also made available in the right places, it must be possible to determine one’s own position independently.  

Agriculture and Forestry Industry

Positioning and navigation technologies are a vital part of the modern agriculture and forestry industry, including systems that provide streamlined protection for forestry workers.