Independent, cost-effective and miniaturized Galileo PRS receiver technology (GUaRDIAn)


Many Galileo PRS applications require portable, small and above all cost-effective PRS receivers and end user terminals. To date, PRS receivers have been characterized by the following features:

  • High power input (> 5 watts)
  • Large form factor (> 8 x 5 cm)
  • High manufacturing and material costs
  • Dependency on non-European FPGA manufacturers 

→ Need for a cost-effective and miniaturized Galileo PRS receiver technology

Project results

  • Development of an innovative and certifiable Galileo PRS receiver baseband chipset with low power input and miniaturized Galileo PRS antenna
  • Development of Galileo PRS demonstrators
  • Contributions to foster the independence of Germany and Europe from non-European FPGA manufacturers in the field of secure satellite navigation solutions

Potential for technology transfer

There are various ways in which the project results can be transferred:

  • Possible use of the GUaRDIAn baseband solution both for standalone PRS receivers, especially in miniaturized and energy-saving devices, and for server-based PRS user terminals
  • Possible use for conventional GPS/Galileo OS solutions without PRS

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