GNSS receiver for autonomous travel on railroads (Galileo Online: GO!)


A future-shaping topic in its own right, autonomous travel on rails is already possible in restricted areas of application. If the scope of these areas is to be expanded, precise positioning solutions with high availability of the position will be needed. Receiver solutions currently in use do not suffice in this regard; as such, they require further development. Of greatest importance, there is no comprehensive interconnectivity of railroad systems technology and the centralized services for controlling rail traffic. Galileo Online GO! was developed to be a powerful, system-wide solution. It has demonstrated its promise in a railway-logistics use showcase of autonomous shunting.

Project results

  • Development of a GNSS receiver (that can precisely identify the right track) in conjunction with the centralized services as an interface for railroad applications
  • Analysis and rectification of application-specific challenges (e.g. signal blocking effects under conditions typical of railroad reception)
  • Validation of the reception in a real-world rail environment
  • Seamless interconnectivity of receiver software and hardware with the centralized services

Potential for technology transfer

  • Establishment of new utilization scenarios with emphasis on rail applications using modern technologies for navigation and communication

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