Area monitoring

At a glance

Clear demarcation of areas

Large production facilities often present various hazards for employees. It might be that a given work area is designated only for certain individuals who have undergone the requisite safety training. In reality, however, these critical areas cannot always be cordoned off and rendered inaccessible to others. Preventing people from entering such areas is therefore vital in numerous everyday scenarios.  

This is where the area monitoring localization technology developed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS comes in. It is based on IndLoc® inductive near-field position technology, an in-house development, which uses 1D localization to selectively detect boundary crossings. By establishing a “geofence,” specific areas can thus be demarcated and controlled, providing effective protection for employees and objects. Various use cases for this can be found in production, logistics, automotive settings and theft prevention.

Technical description

Depending on the use case, a current-carrying conductor is integrated into the floor, doors or gates in order to clearly demarcate one area from another. This conductor creates a weak alternating magnetic field, which can be analyzed up to a distance of 2 meters. People or objects requiring protection are also equipped with an intelligent transponder, which clearly detects a boundary crossing when the conductor is crossed. This subsequently triggers certain actions, such as an alarm, notification of the production facility’s operational management, a power shutdown or wheel locking. The Fraunhofer IndLoc® system also detects the direction of the boundary crossing. All the information obtained can be viewed on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Further combinations with different sensor systems and other technology are also possible.

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What we offer

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At Fraunhofer IIS, we would be delighted to assist you with the implementation of your IndLoc® system. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to tailor the area monitoring system to your requirements profile, combine it with other localization systems and, in turn, find the best solution for you.



IndLoc® technology is open to a whole range of further developments. We are happy to develop further application-specific localization systems for you, enabling you to get the best possible solution for your problem.