Authentication of messages and information with Galileo PRS (PRSauth)


Many satellite navigation applications require a reliable (i.e. secured, authenticated) positioning/timing solution. Often users might also want to tie a measurement or a piece of general information to secure positioning/timing information. To date, only Galileo PRS receivers have supplied this certainty, but PRS receivers also have limitations in terms of size, power input, availability and handling.

→ Need for a cost-effective, miniaturized and secure receiver solution

Project results

  • Utilizing the benefits of secured Galileo PRS position/time information without using a conventional PRS receiver device
  • Outsourcing PRS crypto- and signal processing to secured server environments
  • Signature of measurements and/or information with PRS time and position stamps
  • Developing cost-effective, miniaturized and secure end user devices for this technology


Potential for technology transfer

There are various commercial and authorized applications for the PRSauth technology:

  • Secure tracking of goods
  • Secure e-call systems in cars (ensures privacy)  
  • Secure monitoring of the transportation of hazardous waste and materials
  • Secure toll system
  • Authentication of photos or videos

Regional prize: Award-winning idea for the authentication of time and positioning data

Preisübergabe beim ESNC 2012
Auszeichnung von Alexander Rügamer und Manuel Stahl vom Fraunhofer IIS
Stempel des Regionalpreises für Bayern
Winners of the Regional Prize for Bavaria

At the European Satellite Navigation Competition ESNC 2012, Alexander Rügamer and Manuel Stahl from Fraunhofer IIS won Bavaria's regional prize for their idea for the real-time verification of time and positioning data using the encrypted Galileo PRS (Public Regulated Service) navigation service. The concept is to be realized using a simple receiver unit connected to a smartphone, which will make it possible to prove, for example, where and when a photo was taken with the phone.

This idea was the cornerstone for the further development of the PRSauth technology.

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