Rapid and direct Galileo PRS acquisition module (DIRACU)


Up to now, the initialization (acquisition) for Galileo PRS was usually performed with the aid of assistance data and civilian Galileo services (open service). This meant, however, that problems with the civilian signals would also restrict the availability of PRS. This research project is developing a fast and direct PRS acquisition module that requires neither assistance data nor civilian SatNav signals to initialize the Galileo PRS service.

Project results

  • Development of a direct and fast PRS acquisition module for positioning without the use of civilian Galileo services
  • Option of using additional assistance data to shorten time to first positioning
  • Optimization of acquisition module for server-based PRS applications and for use in FPGA- and ASIC-based conventional PRS receivers

Potential for technology transfer

  • The DIRACU acquisition module can be used in server-based Galileo PRS receivers for a fast PRS-PVT solution
  • Using the DIRACU module, open GNSS signals can also be quickly acquired in order to improve the time to first fix (TTFF)

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