Free passage for emergency vehicles with Galileo PRS (HALI)


Heavy traffic often makes it difficult for emergency police vehicles and fire trucks to cross signal-controlled intersections. As part of the project »HALI« (HälytysAjoneuvojen LIikennevaloetuudet, Finnish for traffic signal preemption for emergency vehicles), we are developing a system that interconnects traffic lights and the reliable position determination of emergency vehicles to ensure their unhindered passage on the roads. Galileo PRS is used to determine their positions with the necessary reliability.

Project goals

  • Use of real satellite signals and operational Galileo PRS receivers for the positioning of emergency vehicles under real application conditions in a complex inner-city environment
  • Secure and interference-free capture of the positioning data of emergency vehicles
  • Secure and interference-free transmission of positioning data to traffic control
  • Prompt clearing of roadways and associated clearing of intersections
  • Increase in traffic safety for all road users
  • Minimization of negative impacts of emergency vehicle journeys on general traffic flows


Potential for technology transfer

  • Exact positioning for autonomous driving in complex inner-city environments
  • Individualized green wave adapted to current traffic flow

GNSS receiver technologies

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