Precise satellite-based positioning for swarm data and autonomous driving


Autonomous driving is one of the topics defining the future of the automobile industry. Implementing it calls for partnerships that can fulfill the various technological requirements in a targeted manner. Fraunhofer IIS’s expertise in localization technologies is an ideal complement to Bertrandt AG’s vehicle know-how and integrated vehicle and systems expertise. The two collaborated on a joint project, pooling their knowledge to create a showcase for improved vehicle positioning. By taking technology that already exists in automobiles and combining it in intelligent ways, the project partners were able to demonstrate how vehicles could stop automatically at a stop line up to a precision of 50 centimeters.

Project results

  • Combination of existing in-car technologies (e.g. GPS receiver, DAB digital radio standard)
  • No need for additional hardware
  • No effect on other in-car assistance systems
  • Low-cost approach that can be implemented quickly
  • Centimeter-precise stopping at a stop line (accuracy of approx. 50 centimeters) as sample application
  • Supports drivers as regards convenience and safety
  • Increase in quality of swarm data through precise positioning data

Potential for technology transfer

  • Saves resources through automated and thus predictive driving (e.g. fuel, wear parts)

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