IndLoc® for 3D positioning

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The need to identify and locate objects exists in many areas of our lives today. Whether recreationally, say in soccer, or in large production facilities, the precise detection of an object in real time can often be absolutely vital to prevent serious errors. However, existing tracking technology works only to a limited extent on moving objects or people.


This is where IndLoc® technology, developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, comes in. Using passive coils attached to people or objects, it can determine the object or person’s position, movement and work flow in three-dimensional space precisely and in real time. People can also wear these coils discreetly as wristbands (wearables). Immediate feedback from the system then allows errors to be quickly corrected and processes in a wide range of areas to be optimized.


Technical description

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IndLoc® is an emerging technology solution for the localization of people and objects. To detect their precise position, it uses a current-carrying conductor to surround a defined area of variable size and generate a weak alternating magnetic field in this area. A small passive coil, similar to an RFID transponder, is attached to the target. This localization coil generates a secondary magnetic field in the observed volume, which is captured by antennas and evaluated by the IndLoc® system. As a result, it is possible to capture – with high precision and in 3D – the target’s position, orientation and movement, without the need for active electronics. Using suitable back-end software, the calculated positioning data can then be viewed, further processed or assigned to certain patterns. In this way, for example, a range of selected actions, such as alarm messages, can be triggered for predefined positions.

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What we offer

Your research partner


At Fraunhofer IIS, we would be delighted to assist you with the implementation of your IndLoc® system. To this end, we develop a prototype tailored to your use case, carry out feasibility studies on your behalf and support you throughout as an impartial research partner. Let us know your problem and together we’ll find a solution!



IndLoc® technology is open to a whole range of further developments. We are happy to develop further application-specific localization systems for you, enabling you to get the best possible solution for your problem.

Further Information

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