route train navigation

Due to high fluctuation and low training times in the industry, drivers of route trains and forklifts repeatedly make navigation errors. As a result, the agreed driving times cannot be adhered to, which is associated with high costs. With the help of a driver support for route trains and forklifts a so called "route train navigation" based on the awiloc® localization can enable a higher efficiency of the processes.
awiloc® is terminal independent and runs on common smartphones, tablets and wearables. The position calculation is done autonomously on the mobile device. This means that there is no data communication for the position determination with a central server. The mobile devices measure the signal strength of the transmitters (fingerprinting) and determine their position to within a few meters.

The use of Bluetooth Low Energy beacons does not interfere with the infrastructure of the environment (e.g. network, WLAN, power connections etc.). In addition, the beacons allow a cost-effective installation and commissioning. The transmitted signals are received by a smart phone/ tablet/ forklift terminal at the route train, where the awiloc® MobileLocator Positioning Engine calculates the position and forwards it to the route guidance app. This app fades in directions integrated in photos to create a high recognition value in the environment.

© Fraunhofer IIS
Directions on the terminal on the route train or forklift (Schematic)
© Fraunhofer IIS

Your advantages:

Greater efficiency for your processes

Installation and operation are cost-effective

Approach offers high robustness

Independent position calculation on the terminal

Photo-based guidance for higher recognition value


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