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Fraunhofer IIS Positioning Technology for Holodeck 4.0 VR Applications


With our established positioning know-how, we can help you develop a positioning system for virtual reality applications. Radio positioning and communication have been a core competence at Fraunhofer IIS for over 20 years. Our 50 scientists are working on the wireless technologies and positioning solutions of tomorrow. Fraunhofer IIS also offers interactive use of 3D models from various applications in L.I.N.K. In this unique test and application center, an area of 1400 square meters gives you all the space you need to perform practical tests for your applications under realistic conditions.


Holodeck VR GmbH is your point of contact for purchasing, renting and adapting holodeck systems. Together with you and tailored to your requirements, our engineers develop a virtual reality application that is matched to the customer’s local requirements.


Highly precise positioning technology

In Holodeck 4.0, positioning is based on a fusion of various technologies developed at Fraunhofer IIS. Free movement in large areas of virtual worlds calls for highly precise positioning technology and Fraunhofer IIS offers vast expertise in this field for all kinds of applications.

Head-mounted display

Each individual head movement is tracked, with sensors on the head-mounted display providing the data required to determine the position. In this way, the virtual world can be perfectly tailored to each movement immediately. Thanks to the mobile system layout, it’s possible to comfortably and wirelessly move through the real world.

Predicting movements

Precisely tracking of head movements makes it possible to predict what movement will come next. This in turn means that VR content can be adapted more quickly and precisely.

Incorporating the senses

A special feature of the system is that it can even track hand movements in real time and incorporate them into the simulation. These movements can be made part of the content, making the virtual experience even more realistic. What’s more, sound effects can intensify the experience.

A wealth of different applications are possible with Holodeck 4.0 VR


Production and logistics

Architecture, construction and city planning


Information and entertainment

Security and safety

Production and logistics

In the era of Industrie 4.0, virtual reality is already established in production and logistics processes. The system developed by Fraunhofer IIS helps optimize procedures and transport processes as well as the planning of new large industrial plants. Thanks to a high level of planning quality, made possible by timely digital safeguarding, it’s possible to avoid collisions in the manufacturing process, reduce downtimes and train employees in VR.

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Museums and architecture

Smart city concepts are geared towards the more efficient design and technologically advanced planning of cities, areas in which Fraunhofer IIS technology plays a major role. By mapping buildings and cities in the virtual world of Holodeck 4.0, concepts can be compared before planning and building begin, thus paving the way for the best solution. In turn, this avoids mistakes in planning, reduces costs and enables new planning approaches to be tested. And in amusement parks for instance such concepts can take the entertainment value to a whole new level.

Security and safety

Holodeck 4.0 offers significant advantages for many areas of healthcare. Virtual exposure therapy achieves comparable results to traditional exposure therapy but costs much less. Moreover, it avoids real-world hazards, thus ensuring patient safety. Holodeck 4.0 also represents a giant leap in training and safety techniques. It’s possible for instance to test out how the military, fire service, rescue services and other public safety teams respond to disaster scenarios – cost-effectively and under real conditions. This means that safety forces receive the best possible training for real-life events and can apply what they have learned more effectively in complicated situations.

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Information and entertainment

Holodeck 4.0 plays a key role in information and entertainment. For instance, using the system developed by Fraunhofer IIS, disabled people can tour a museum that in real life is not barrier-free. The system can help what are known as serious games to convey complex or dry content in an exciting way and  could also start a revolution in 3D cinema. Here, the viewer wouldn’t be restricted by the particular shot angle, but could pause the film and move freely within it. Other applications include the use in amusement parks (e.g. rollercoasters or chambers of horrors). Holodeck 4.0 is also an innovative application for multiplayer games and gesture control.  

Hackathon Holodeck

Launched under the motto "Create your own future" the Fraunhofer IIS organized in the year 2016 a "Holodeck-Hackathon". 50 Participants developed Apps, Games and more VR-stuff together.


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