Sensor technology for boxing

At a glance

In many sports today, various technologies can help with training or provide added value for the media. In boxing, for example, Fraunhofer IIS uses miniaturized sensors to measure the acceleration curve and speed of punches in real time. Algorithms let trainers categorize and evaluate the punches so they can give their fighters targeted training. To generate the best possible results, machine-learning methods are used in addition to standard algorithms.

Technical description

Sensorik im Boxen, eingebettete Elektronik
© Fraunhofer IIS/Matthias Schäfer
Miniaturized, wireless and inductively chargeable sensor module in boxing gloves

A miniaturized, wireless and inductively rechargeable sensor module is integrated into the boxing glove, where it measures fist acceleration and punch speed in real time. With the help of built-in acceleration sensors, this enables evaluation of punch strength and the number of punches. Both standard and self-learning algorithms subsequently characterize the type of punch. Fraunhofer IIS wireless technologies then ensure transmission of the stored data to a PC or tablet, where the information is stored, evaluated and displayed for further use.


One area of potential application for this Fraunhofer IIS technology is professional boxing. Here, the results could be displayed in real time during live broadcasts, which can add a great deal of value for media outlets and TV viewers. The embedded sensor technology could also be used at the amateur and recreational levels as well as in other sports.


The smart boxing glove is representative of Fraunhofer IIS’s know-how in the field of embedded, wireless sensor technology and radio in conjunction with sensor-based artificial intelligence. Building on this in-depth expertise in motion sequences, Fraunhofer IIS employees can develop a system that is tailored to your area of application.

Thanks to its many years of expertise in wireless data transmission and sensor technology, Fraunhofer IIS is a reliable partner for joint R&D projects in Germany and abroad. Our unique Test and Application Centre L.I.N.K. makes it possible to realistically simulate scenarios, in particular the conditions in sports settings, for test and demonstration purposes.