Networks and Identification

The technologies from the business field “Networks and Identification” build the basis for many Industry 4.0 and IoT applications. Solutions from smart objects to cyber-physical systems are part of the extensive technology and system offerings. For optimal networks and identification, we adapt our technologies individually and specifically to our customers' requirements.

Technologies and Solutions for robust and energy saving communication


mioty® - My Internet of Things

For large-scale data transmission, we offer mioty®, a robust wireless IoT technology that sets new standards in terms of cost efficiency, transmission reliability with ranges of up to 15 kilometers and battery life. As a founding member of the mioty® Alliance and through many years of experience, we support you with our R&D knowledge and offer usage licensing for our technology.


5G mMTC and NB-IOT

NB-IOT meets the requirements of LPWAN and is continued under 5G for massive Machinetype Communication (mMTC). This is expected to enable connectivity of up to 1 million devices per km2 and is typically used for sensor networks, connected machines, wearables or autonomous, networked robotics.



Generation 5 of the OMS specification enables the development of interoperable LPWAN solutions for OMS end devices and gateways. We support you in converting your products to the new OMS 5 standard.


Ultra reliable Wireless Networks

We provide development and technology consulting for radio systems in terms of latency and reliability with limited radio, power and processing resources.


RFID - Radio frequency identification

RFID enables the unique identification of various objects using electromagnetic waves. With our comprehensive technical and practical know-how, we offer helpful support in the development and implementation of RFID systems, through access to state-of-the-art measurement techniques and methods, conveyor technologies, as well as a complete test center for simulating real-life deployment scenarios.


IO-Link Wireless

The IO-Link wireless radio technology, which can be used worldwide, provides a cost-effective, highly reliable and deterministic communication standard. This technology is an extension of IO-Link on the physical level and defines wireless communication between sensors and actuators to the PLC in the environment of Industry 4.0.


Ambient IoT

"Ambient IoT" and "Zero Energy Communications" are central topics of the current 3GPP and IEEE standardization on IoT devices that are powered by energy harvesting and use energy-optimized radio protocols.


s-net® - Wireless networking technology

Our solutions for self-organized, bidirectional multi-hop communication with localization allow radio-based applications such as wireless asset management, local process control in production, people tracking, monitoring of logistics chains and Smart City applications.

Our competence


As a renowned partner for wireless communication, networking and identification, we offer you unique technologies and extensive know-how of various programming languages, operating systems and communication protocols. We accompany you from the individual needs analysis to the definition of goals up to the system in the application.

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Radio standards and protocol technology

Due to our continuous research on radio standards and protocol technologies, we have in-depth knowledge of characteristics, capacities and protocol procedures, both in theory and in application.

More on radio standards and protocol technologies

Mobile Communication

  • 5G mMTC and NB-IoT


  • NB-IoT
  • mioty
  • LORA
  • Sigfox


  • s-net
  • Bluetooth (Mesh)


  • UWIN
  • WLAN

Near Field Communication

  • Bluetooth (BLE)
  • DECT
  • RFID
  • IEEE 802.15.4

Pursuing network technologies

  • IP
  • MQTT
  • REST
  • IoT-Bus
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Protocol procedures

In addition to our knowledge of protocol technologies, we include in-depth knowledge of protocol procedures, which we have successfully implemented in simulations or real-time implementations, among our extensive competencies.

More on protocol procedures


  • Telegram-Splitting
  • Efficient channel coding
  • Selforganized channel assignment
  • Selective reading by RFID


  • TDMA for multi-hop networks
  • Network Coded Cooperation
  • Selforganization of channel assignment and coexistence of systems
  • packet filterung and aggregation


  • ARQ

Network Layer and Management

  • On Air Suscription
  • Participants-Management

Network transitions

  • Router and Gateways
  • Transition to IP-Networks
  • MQTT connectivity
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Implementation expertise

Due to our long-standing experience in the implementation of radio systems, we have extensive know-how for the implementation of your systems, whereby our knowledge of protocol technologies and procedures are efficiently combined and used.

More on implementation expertise


  • radio propagation
  • measuring of radio channel occupancy
  • performance measurement under different spatial conditions


  • HF technology and design
  • mixed-signal circuit
  • low power microcontroller circuit


  • HF signal processing
  • performance measurement of Network Coded Cooperation
  • simulation of the energy consumption for different use cases and applications  

Real time embedded Software Developement

  • HF signal processing
  • performanced protocol stack implementation on common microcontroller
  • driver and network transitions

Support on conformation reviews

Standardization bodies and protocol specification  

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Our Service


  • technology consulting on wireless communication
  • technology comparison and performance evaluation
  • analysis of application szenarios
  • test measurements


  • PoC
  • prototypes
  • simulation of transmission methods and network-solutions
  • protocol stack implementations
  • system concepts
  • integration in customer solutions


  • software protocol stack
  • software driver and radio module connectivity
  • hardware-design especially HF and embedded
  • gateway solutions
  • patents

Reference Projects




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