s-net® - mesh connectivity for IoT

The s-net® networking technology is a technology developed by Fraunhofer IIS for extremely energy-saving, wireless networking and localization of objects and people. In recent years, it has formed the basis for cyber-physical systems (CPS) and IoT applications in more and more projects. In cyber-physical systems, the context-aware objects can use the s-net® networking technology to capture and transmit their application and environmental situation, interactively influence it and selectively control their behavior depending on the situation. The integration of context-aware, networked objects paves the way for a continuous digitalization of process control and thus for the IoT.

The s-net® technology

s-net® creates the foundation for wireless networking and localization of people and objects. With extremely low power consumption and bi-directional multi-hop communication, s-net® offers the best conditions for IoT applications. As a Low Throughput Network (LTN), s-net® allows high localization accuracy and decentralized decision logic even with limited bandwidth.

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Applications and projects with s-net®

In recent years, a large number of analysis-, monitoring- and control-applications in the field of the Industrial Internet of Thing (IIoT) have been implemented based on the s-net® networking technology. Especially in this area, the s-net® technology opens enormous potential for numerous innovative applications such as:

  • comprehensive sensory monitoring and consumption value recording (Smart Metering)
  • complete findability of objects (Smart Tracking)
  • control of assembly objects and support systems for mechanics (Smart Production)
  • networking of objects (IoT) such as containers and compartment displays (Smart Commissioning)

Our offer with s-net®

Together with our development and consulting services, you can implement your individual solution quickly and project-specifically. More than 20 years of experience in the radio band sector and solutions such as our radio modules, evaluation kits, reference designs as well as our already implemented products allow you to successfully use the s-net® networking technology for your application.

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Cooperation with EBV Elektronik

Through the cooperation, a new EBV chip is available: s-net (S-NET-MOD-868-AM1) for extremely energy-efficient IoT networking.


Product launch TRILUM

TRILUM - Mobile Order Handling Solution is a wireless pick-by-light system for simple and efficient order picking. Using the wireless networking technology s-net®, TRILUM is optimised for mobile application scenarios.