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OMS means "Open Metering System" and is a manufacturer-independent and open communication standard for the collection and transmission of metering data from the energy and utilities sector. OMS is the only standard in Europe that integrates all data such as electricity, heat, water and gas, including submetering, into one system. This means that data from different metering products can be exchanged between consumption processing systems. OMS is based on European standards and was developed by the industry as a uniform protocol and data format to enable interoperability between metering devices. The use of OMS enables an open market for metering devices, better data transparency and easier integration of the corresponding devices for suppliers and consumers.

OMS Generation 5

With Generation 5 of the OMS specification, annex Q enables the development of interoperable Low Power Wide Area (LPWAN) solutions for OMS end devices and gateways. OMS LPWAN defines a radio protocol specifically designed for metering applications that require long range and reliable communication, as well as long battery life. The protocol can also be used for other IoT applications, such as smart city or building applications, which also require long range and low energy consumption.

In OMS LPWAN, the two available modes "burst mode" and "splitting mode" on the "physical layer" (PHY) are explained. The splitting mode is based on the European ETSI standard TS 103 357. The differences between the two PHY modes offer the most suitable solution depending on the individual use case. Splitting mode is characterized by longer ranges and greater robustness as well as significantly greater scalability compared to other modes. The mode also has a short burst length.

The higher scalability in particular means that data from many more meters can be received with one base station for smart metering applications.  This saves costs and future-proofs the investment.

Our Offer

OMS 5 development

Do you want to switch to OMS Generation 5?

We support you in converting your products to the new OMS standard.

OMS5 reference designs

Do you want to integrate OMS 5 into your meters or base stations?

We offer software and hardware reference designs for the OMS 5 splitting mode for receivers and transmitters. We also offer the (customer-specific) adaptation of base station interfaces.

OMS Evaluation Kit

Would you like to try out OMS 5 for your application?

For preliminary tests and evaluation of the OMS technology, we offer you an evaluation kit for the new OMS splitting mode specifications. The evaluation kit for OMS 5 splitting mode includes:

  • OMS base station
  • OMS sensor/counter
  • Web interface
  • API
  • Documentation

We would be happy to support you in evaluating the OMS 5 technology.