Reference projects



digitalization of production processes

Central process control, by intelligent good carriers and cyber-physical systems (CPS) enables a complete transparency of the current production status in order to control production planning flexibly an efficiently.



wireless mobile order picking

The wireless Pick-by-Light system based on s-net® technology enables a fast installation and simple redesign of shelves for flexible and low-effort order picking.




smart container for Kanban systems

Containers are equipped with sensors and s-net® technology, e.g. to detect and communicate filling levels. The smart containers form a cyber-physical system and provide the necessary data to automate Kanban processes.




Process optimization in clinics

OPAL Health is a wireless location and environmental monitoring system for medical devices and blood supplies. This simplifies device management - and increases safety in transfusion medicine.



analysis of movement behavior

The INNOVAGE project combines a continuous analysis of the movement behavior of seniors with the implementation of appropriate movement measures based on s-net® technology.



Process optimization for patients

With Olog-Pat, Smart Objects collect localization and condition data of the patients. They can collect, store and communicate information with their environment. 



continuous monitoring of ULDs

The combination of asset tracking systems and s-net® networking technology ensures secure monitoring and localization of cargo for real-time control of air freight containers.



cargo monitoring for sea containers

ConTrack is a freight tracking system with localization and mobile or satellite communication. Both the containers and the freight are monitored on their transport routes. For example, to optimize logistics processes or initiate measures to protect the goods.


networking to increase productivity

Development of a generic system for the flexible networking of multi-level production processes to increase resource-efficient productivity


Maintenance free mioty®-LPWAN with energy harvesting

Sensors with batteries are now a thing of the past. The combination of our Energy Harvesting- and mioty-technologies enables energy-efficient and maintenance-free operation of sensors.”


mioty® for smart irrigation in the city of Erlangen

To prevent the loss of trees in cities, a data-driven recommendation algorithm is being developed that determines when which urban tree needs to be watered. The mioty® wireless technology for data transmission is ideal for this task.


mioty® for the urban leisure sector

transmission of location data to visualize and analyze various bike routes


mioty® in natural gas and oil production

Efficient digital remote monitoring of wells according to legal requirements


mioty® in automotive production

Efficient digital monitoring of air pressure, temperature and humidity in production areas to improve production conditions for man and machine.


mioty® – ensuring safety in mines

Continuous assessment and transmission of air quality and ventilation data throughout the mine.


mioty® for cold chain monitoring

Closely meshed monitoring of the environmental conditions to ensure high quality in the storage of lebkuchen.


mioty® for farming

IoT solution for the recording of soil parameters to ensure that fertilizer is spread according to actual needs and that irrigation conserves water.  


mioty® for smart metering at Munich Airport

The FutureIOT joint research project develops IoT solutions for practical challenges in the “” and “” project domains. Robust radio transmission is provided by the mioty® LPWAN technology.



The results from the was4wos project are intended to protect lone workers in the future and prevent unnoticed accidents by means of a reliable and fail-safe real-time system. The developed emergency signal system for lone workers thus helps end users as well as large companies to increase the safety of their employees and to reduce costs at the same time.


Smart Fiber

Wireless data and energy transmission

Components made of fiberglass composite are reliably checked for constant loads. Integrated sensors can record temperature and load data. These can be read out by means of wireless data and energy transmission.



RFID in lightweight construction

Development of reliable RFID transponders, which function perfectly within conductive and at the same time heavily physically loaded parts.