mioty® – ensuring safety in mines

Initial situation

Underground mining is characterized by extreme depths, asymmetrical topologies resulting from multiple branches, and substantial barriers such as steel doors and ventilation flaps. Safety takes top priority. Several factors are involved in ensuring safety, and one of the most important is guaranteeing a stable connection between the mines and the control center above ground. Doing so using conventional methods is not only extremely complicated, but also downright expensive. One company taking on these challenges is NORCAT, whose efforts include developing and supplying services and resources that increase productivity and safety below ground.



One of the solutions being used is mioty®. This extremely robust software with its telegram‑splitting technology makes establishing wireless connections in underground mines no problem at all. NORCAT has successfully applied mioty® technology in Sudbury, Canada. With the help of two base stations and multiple sensors, the company primarily monitored air quality and ventilation throughout a mine measuring approximately 200 meters in length. Since getting fresh air into the mine is essential, but also extremely expensive, it makes economic sense to continuously gather and analyze air quality data. In addition, in case of emergency a warning is automatically sent to personnel.



mioty® is much cheaper as Wi-Fi. And not only would installing Wi-Fi or cables be more expensive, but such solutions would also be more likely to malfunction and require more maintenance. What NORCAT achieved with mioty® was continuous wireless coverage of 100 percent as well as a reduction in costs of 90 percent.