Pick-by-Light – s-net® for Commissioning

What is Pick-by-Light ?

In manual comission, pick-by-light is a common system for paperless picking. The picker will be shown the correct subject and the quantity to be withdrawn via a digital display. However, common pick-by-light systems are wired and only partially meet the requirements of flexible and low-effort picking, as they require high installation costs and are not suitable for flexible structures.

Easy and mobile picking

The wireless pick-by-light system developed by Fraunhofer IIS solves problems and offers simple and mobile picking. Each storage bin is equipped with a wireless sensor node (compartment display). With the start of the picking orders (for example by a backend system), the respective tray displays are activated. By means of the LED light, the order picker quickly and clearly displays the correct compartment and the number of items to be removed. After the articles have been removed, the acknowledgment key of the shelf display is actuated and the pick order and inventory change are then reported back to the warehouse management system.

Efficient and error-free assembly processes

A trend in the manufacturing industry, such as in automobile production, is the increasing individualization of products. For manual assembly processes, the complexity increases in terms of quality and efficiency, since different components have to be arranged in different orders for each product. This increases the demands on the employees regarding the quality and efficiency of the assembly. Thanks to the wireless pick-by-light system, required objects such as tools and correct components can also be made available in the right order directly at the assembly site.

Optimized for mobile usage scenarios

The pick-by-light system is optimized for mobile application scenarios using s-net® wireless networking technology - a bidirectional multi-hop technology that ensures robust data communication via a mesh radio network. Since the s-net® technology works both in the 868 MHz and in the 2.4 GHz band, a flexible configuration of the self-organizing order picking system is possible. The extremely energy-efficient data exchange guarantees a long battery life of up to one year.


Overview Of Advantages

Applications and Areas of Use

The mobile pick-by-light system is used in all picking and assembly processes in the area of ​​production and logistics, where material must be manually removed from shelves and further processed. The use of the system is particularly suitable for flexible, temporary and mobile storage structures, as well as for a rapid redesign of removal compartments and shelves.

Light-guided picking (pick-by-light) or distribution processes (put-to-light), as well as pre-picking in logistics and intralogistics

Assembly processes:
Provision of objects such as tools or components directly at the assembly site, as well as pre-picking of assembly objects

TRILUM - Mobile Order Handling Solution

The wireless pick-by-light system is available as a commercial product "TRILUM-Mobile Order Handling Solution" from our partner AST-X.

TRILUM is a wireless pick-by-light system to optimize your processes. With TRILUM, the employee is visually guided by a light signal (LED) to the correct compartment where the removal quantity and, if necessary, additional information are displayed via an e-paper display. After confirming the acknowlegement button, the removal is confirmed and the inventory change is reported back to the warehouse management system.

This solution increases the precision and efficiency of your processes through fast and accurate processing of orders and reduction of picking errors. The wireless networking technology s-net® TRILUM is optimized for mobile use scenarios.

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TRILUM ist ein drahtloses Pick-by-light System für einfache und effiziente Kommissionierung.

customer reference

Reference Volkswagen

Since March 2018, Volkswagen's Transparent Factory in Dresden has been running a first test system that evaluates the basic functionality and added value of the wireless PbLL: rapid installation and simple reorganization of shelves for flexible, low-effort order picking. Initial tests have shown that orders can be processed twice as fast with the new system.


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