Real Time Intelligent Cargo Monitoring & Control System

OHB Teledata - ConTrack

ConTrack is a system for freight tracking with positioning and mobile communication and / or satellite communication. Both the containers and the freight are monitored on their transport routes in order, for example, to optimize logistics processes or to initiate measures to protect the goods. Based on the s-net® technology, wireless sensor nodes are self-contained in the container and provide the information via multi-hop communication to the telematics box. The s-net® multi-hop communication brings the required robustness of the communication in the container.


The advantages at a glance:

Global reach via mobile communications networks and satellite communications

Simply attached to the container

Real-time status reports and warnings sent directly to the user

Optional: Internal container sensor network

Maintenance-free use thanks to over-the-air software updates

Long service life due to rechargeable batteries

robust outer case