Maintenance-free mioty®-LPWAN with Energy Harvesting

Massive IoT applications in the Smart City area and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) depend on permanent energy supply for a reliable and robust data transmission. Especially energy consumption and the associated time- and cost-intensive maintenance play a major role. Therefore, we have developed a special transmission standard and the associated energy supply. Our energy self-sufficient wide-area network is a unique combination of the new LPWAN standard mioty® with energy harvesting.



The wireless transmission technology mioty® for so-called massive IoTapplications in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or in the Smart City area reliably and robustly transmits data from several hundred thousand sensors even over long distances. This is possible thanks to our patented telegram-splittingmethod. mioty® is a hardware-independent software solution that is standardized by ETSI and used in particular for LPWANs (Low Power Wide Area Networks). A mioty® license for commercial integration into various customer solutions is available.


Energy Harvesting

In addition, energy autarkic power supply for the sensors is possible using energy harvesting technologies. We developed solutions that use minimal vibrations or temperature differences to generate power. This is possible by highly efficient voltage regulators and energy-management systems that make even the smallest currents and voltages usable. A particular plus when it comes to operating hundreds of thousands of sensors maintenance-free and energy-efficiently for many years.



  • Individual advice and analysis of your requirements
  • Research and development – up to ready-for- use prototype-development for your own network
  • Licensing of the mioty®- and Energy Harvesting-technology

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How does the combination of mioty® and Energy Harvesting work?

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Our developer explains how Energy Harvesting + mioty® work.