Technologies for IoT-Systems

Overview of our technologies

The IoT Systems research area combines many years of experience and expertise at Fraunhofer IIS. With our new technologies, we can assist you with getting fit for the Internet of Things.


Energy Harvesting + mioty®

A multitude of sensors are used in the areas of Smart City and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Through the combination of our technologies Energy Harvesting and mioty® we enable a maintenance-free and energy self-sufficient operation of sensors as well as a robust and reliable data transmission.


Energy Harvesting

Self-powered, maintenance-free and wireless systems with unlimited uptime – that's the goal of our Energy Harvesting technologies. Available energy sources from the environment such as light, heat, or motion serve as an energy source for wireless sensors, displays and other small consumers.



The research center IoT-COMMs aims with its work to bundle the competences of different Fraunhofer institutes. The focus here is on IoT basic technologies, information security and application know-how. Cognitive IoT-Systems provide a large contribution in the areas of industrial production, logistics and smart cities. These three areas are currently in a constant state of change due to digitization and service orientation.


Cyber Security

The progressive digitization in the industrial sector requires the development of new security concepts to meet changing needs. In the M2M communication, we deal with device-to-device authentication, context-aware authentication, life-cycle management, and key management.


Edge Computing

For many applications it becomes clear that data processing only in the cloud is not the optimal solution. There are currently two complementary approaches to data storage and processing: cloud and Edge Computing. Our Edge Computing platform ensures the economical and secure handling of information in the vicinity of the application.


Sustainable ICT-Systems

Joint initiatives from industry, research institutes and standardization bodies are focusing their efforts on the topic of sustainability. Main areas are 5G/6G mobile Communication and Green Communication Technologies in general.