mioty® for farming – Regional Sensor Cloud Knoblauchsland

CLIMAVI micro weather sensor from Agvolution with mioty connectivity

The increasing demand for sustainable farming methods and the need to minimize the impact of agriculture on the environment have led to a tightening of regulations and guidelines in the industry. Regulations are increasingly restricting the use of pesticides and fertilizers and demands for responsible water management are growing. Climate change is also intensifying the challenges associated with water management, which requires a more efficient use of resources.

Initial situation

Farmers are under increasing pressure due to the multitude of regulations regarding the use of fertilizers, pesticides and water. In the future, it will be crucial to use water and fertilizers in a targeted manner in order to maximize farmers' yields while minimizing environmental impact.

However, IT-supported solutions for resource conservation are generally associated with high costs, which makes it difficult for many farmers to implement these technologies.


Building on the soil sensor technology sub-project of FutureIOT, Fraunhofer IIS is continuing to pursue the collection and evaluation of sensor data in agriculture as part of the Regional Sensor Cloud (RSC) project.

In Knoblauchsland in the Nuremberg metropolitan region, a specific use case was implemented that covers the entire data life cycle. The project partner AGVOLUTION® contributed both application know-how in the agricultural sector and new relevant sensor technology to the project. This included sensor technology, communication, data integration, modeling, analysis, interpretation and possible recommendations for action. The new sensors equipped with mioty® technology were installed at various soil depths in Knoblauchsland. In real time, they provided local measurements such as soil moisture and soil temperature at different depths, humidity and air temperature at different heights, as well as rain measurement data.


By using local sensor data, as in Knolauchsland, uncomplicated, cost-effective and time-saving soil monitoring is possible. This enables farmers to comply with legal requirements. In addition, the use of fertilizers and irrigation can be reduced, which leads to a reduction in nitrate pollution and more economical use of water. Overall, the use of a regional sensor cloud equipped with mioty® sensors in agriculture can help to improve the efficiency, sustainability and productivity of agricultural operations.

The project also identified user needs for Regional Sensor Clouds and developed possible business model options for the applications and operationalization of RSCs.

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