mioty® for the urban leisure sector

Ancud IT created a demonstrator for the Digital Festival 2019 using mioty® technology and used the idea of ​​an alleycat race. This is a competition of cyclists who compete against each other to find the shortest and fastest route between two given points.

The demonstrator uses mioty®-communication and collects the location data directly from the bicycles. The location information is collected via mobile phone apps or embedded devices in a cloud backend in order to finally visualize and analyze the various routes traveled.


The system developed by Ancud IT contains the following components:

  • An Android app for collecting location data and sending the data to the backend
  • An embedded device with GPS reciever and a mioty-end-point for sending location data to the backend
  • A microservice backend in the hetzner-cloud (gateway/broker, database, map visualization, device- and user management)

The mioty® technology provided an effective, safe and responsible data transfer in urban areas and with moving objects. The Alleycatdemonstrator could thus work as the foundation for developing commercial applications, like a route platform for bicycle couriers, in order to optimize routes.

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