Intelligent small load carrier

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Smart containers form the basis for the development of a modular service platform for production logistic services in the DProdLog project. The point of departure are miniature charge carriers (KLT) equipped with sensors, e.g. Fill levels. These sensors are equipped with the s-net® technology of the Fraunhofer IIS and form a wireless sensor network. The thus smart KLT as a cyber-physical system provide the necessary data to further automate services in the next step. They thus form the basis for the service platform, with the aid of which an even greater level of computerization and customer orientation in production or in value chains can be advanced.

Data trigger services

Smart KLT will independently trigger post-supply processes and visualize the position-dependent information via a dynamic dispaly. For example, the display informs employees when the re-ordered full container arrives. Furthermore, the data collected by the containers and users are collected in the cloud in the sense of a digital memory and are available for »big data analyzes«. The containers recognize potential bottlenecks in the value chain in the interaction with the service platform. Consequently, the container disposition is to be adapted automatically.

Promotion and Project partners

»DProdLog« is funded within the BMBF program "Service innovation through digitization". The project is running from 12/2015 to 03/2019 and is being advanced with the consortium partners Fraunhofer IIS and SCS, Euro-Log AG, Böllhoff GmbH, GS Frachtlogistik GmbH and the Otto-Friedrich University of Bamberg.