Virtual ASIC Foundry



The European Commission launched the EUROPRACTICE initiative in October 1995 with the goal of helping companies to become more globally competitive through the availability of cost-effective ASICs, multichip modules (MCM) or microsystem solutions. The EUROPRACTICE IC Service furthermore offers European industry and academic institutions a safe path toward ASICs with the following benefits:


The EUROPRACTICE IC Service is offered by:

Fraunhofer IIS offers the following IC services:

  • Prototype production (untested dies or assembled ICs)
  • Small-volume production (testing, assembly and qualification)
  • Design rule checks to determine producability, production reliability and yield
  • Interface for hand over to our foundries in GDS format
  • Support during test program development
  • Support for housings, finshing and assembly
  • Complete design flow (implementation of the design concept)
  • Design testing, functional simulation and timing simulation (VHDL/Verilog or netlist, specification)Synthesis (certified netlist and bonding diagram)
  • Testing (certified netlist and bonding diagram)
  • Place & route (certified netlist and bonding diagram)
  • DRC (design rule check)
  • ERC (electrical rule check)
  • LVS (layout versus schematic)

Customers have access to current technologies through our foundries.