Electronic Design Automation

Electronic Design Automation


System Level Design

Numerous innovative products consist of complex electronic or heterogeneous systems. We support our customers with tools and services to successfully manage the development phase. They allow fast and reliable modeling for different abstraction levels.

Reliability and Life Cycle Prediction for Electronic Components

Microelectronic and nanoelectronic structures in components are getting smaller and smaller, and advances in system integration are packing these components into ever smaller spaces. As development of the technology progresses, undesirable interactions between components and effects arise that must be taken into account as early in the design process as possible. Software and other services for reliability and life cycle prediction have been created to support this development process.

Automated Analog Design

The design of analog circuits is characterized by a high level of complexity. As a result, the designs are almost exclusively created by hand, leading to error susceptibility, poor reproducibility and limited reusability as a result. Fraunhofer IIS/EAS has processes and IPs with which to reliably design mixed-signal ASICs.

Integration of Electronic Systems

The increasing range of functionalities displayed by electronic systems and the growing demand for miniaturization pose technological and commercial limitations to the traditional integration of all functions on a single system-on-chip (SoC). One solution is to integrate multiple chips in a single housing from Systems in Package (SiP) to 3D.