Wideband DVB-S2X End-to-End Testbed

Convinced of the commercial viability and the possible throughput gains of true wideband transmission over satellite, scientists of Fraunhofer IIS and their partners have teamed up to develop and install a wideband DVB-S2X (DVB-S2 Extensions) end-to-end testbed. The testbed implements a complete wideband (500 MHz bandwidth) end-to-end transmission chain, covering all layers from applications (IP trunking, broadband, UHDTV broadcasting) through encapsulation down to modulation, channel simulation, reception and back up into the applications.

Improved and newly devised techniques for single carrier operation mode are employed based on the DVB-S2X standard, allowing most efficient statistical multiplexing of different services and single carrier transmission with its known valuable power efficiency suitable for power-limited satellite amplifiers. The developed key technologies are suitable for the next generation of high speed IP-based broadcast and broadband access in future Ka-band or Q/V band satellite systems with wideband transponders.

Testbed performance figures

  • Demonstration of an end-to-end Multimedia Broadcasting System
  • Proof of compatibility with DVB-S2X Annex-E Specification
  • Proof of reliable communication at very low SNR (-10 dB)
  • Full support for DVB-S2X tools like VCM/ACM, APSK constellations, LDPC/BCH FEC coding and low roll-offs (15%, 10%, 5%)
  • Full support for more than 250 logical channels with individual QoS
  • Integration of video/IPTV services, 3DTV, UHDTV, IP trunking
Aufbau des DVB-S2X-Testbeds
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Testbed capabilities

  • Functional and performance evaluation of the new air interface
  • Symbol rates up to 400 Mbaud for future wideband transponders
  • Demonstration of high data rate transmission up to 1.5 Gbps net
  • Receiver performance optimization under harsh channel conditions
  • User friendly interface for automated performance measurements
  • Flexible multiplexing supporting full-IP, full-TS or shared IP/TS traffic

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