Over-The-Air Testbed

Tests in the Over-the-Air MultiSatNav Testbed

In the Over-the-Air MultiSatNav Testbed of the Fraunhofer IIS, external partners and customers can test and validate their GNSS-receivers in a protected environment.

  • Test and validation of GNSS receivers
    • Integrated and array antennas supported
    • Repeatable tests in laboratory conditions
    • Highly dynamic scenarios possible
    • Fair comparison between devices from different manufacturers
  • Jammers and spoofers
    • either actual devices (e.g. “privacy protection devices”)
    • or simulated interference sources (both static and 3D-dynamic jammers possible)
  • Test of Galileo PRS devices
    • Within development or for validation purpose
    • No accredited PRS receiver required since classified testbed is possible