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Daedalus – Modular, energy self-sufficient tracking systems

Daedalus – Modular, energy-independent tracking systems


«Daedalus» at a Glance #

A purely satellite-based solution is only partially suitable for most tracking systems, as the high demand for electricity is a great impairment to the service life. The short maintenance intervals and/or the very large batteries required limit user acceptance and prevent successful commercial use.

Alternative systems based only on RFID technologies or energy-saving active communication solutions are restricted by the fact that their functionality is generally limited to a narrow geographical area.

The aim of the «Daedalus» Project is therefore to find a solution that combines the benefits of satellite-based and RFID solutions, thus compensating for the disadvantages of each.


«Daedalus» is a joint project of: DFKI and Fraunhofer IIS

Project sponsor: space management department of Germany's aeronautics and space research center Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt  e.V. (DLR)

The «Daedalus» Project is funded by Germany's Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (funding code: 50NA1311).


Project Details of «Daedalus»#

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Overview of Project «Daedalus»
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Modulare construction kit for the application-orientated tag
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Schematic depiction of a tag combination

The aim of the «Daedalus» Project is to develop technologies for low-dissipation tracking systems. To this end, we will develop a modular, adaptable tracking system for a range of applications that can fulfill various requirements using the modular principle.

To ensure flexibility and wider use of the system, efficient algorithms, skillful system definition and system partitioning, and low energy consumption must be applied to achieve a high degree of miniaturization.
In addition to simple positioning and transmission, sensors will obtain and transmit additional information from the object.

This information could vary depending on the application. Typical parameters could include the cooled temperature of food cargo, a patient's pulse, or whether hazardous goods have been locked up safely.

Possible Areas of Application#

  • Asset tracking, e.g.:
    • Monitoring of small, valuable goods such as measuring devices, tools, replacement parts, or material for construction sites
    • Tracking of sensitive items such as hazardous goods or pharmaceuticals
    • In the area of space robotics

  • Location of persons and wild animals, e.g.:
    • In areas of disaster or conflict
    • In the patient care sector
    • At sporting events such as cycle races, runs, triathlons, or team sports
    • Monitoring wild animals

The modular system makes a wide range of other applications a possibility. Any other ideas? Don‘t hesitate to contact us!