Embedded Wireless Sensors for boxing

Sensor technology for boxing

At a glance

Today, a wide range of technologies are used to enhance different types of sports training programs and add value to media organizations that cover sporting events. With the miniaturized sensor technology from Fraunhofer IIS, the sport of boxing now has the opportunity to measure the acceleration curve and velocity of punches in real-time. Special algorithms allow trainers to classify and analyze the punches in order to set up targeted training programs for their boxers.

Technical details

Embedded Wireless Sensor Technology for Boxing
© Fraunhofer IIS/Matthias Schäfer
Embedded Wireless Sensor Technology for Boxing

By relying on a miniature, inductively-charged wireless sensor module integrated in the boxing glove, the acceleration curve and force of the punches are measured in real-time. With the help of integrated acceleration sensors, the system evaluates the number of executed punches and their impact, while algorithms characterize the type of punch. The sensor data is then transmitted to a PC or tablet using wireless technologies from Fraunhofer IIS, where the information can be saved, displayed and analyzed further.


The technology developed by Fraunhofer IIS is currently deployed in professional boxing, where the real-time display of the results during live television broadcasts provides significant added value to media companies and television audiences. In olympic boxing, the technology is used to analyze and improve the training sessions. The embedded sensor technology also has utility in game and leisure industries, as well as in other types of sports and athletics.

Well-known professional clubs and television broadcasters have already successfully tested our embedded sensor technology!


We offer the possibility to integrate the existing technology into boxing gloves and other types of sports equipment. Using comprehensive know-how in the field of wireless sensor technology and wireless communications for sports and fitness applications, our researchers can develop a system tailored to your specific needs.

With its in-depth expertise in wireless data transmission and sensor technology, Fraunhofer IIS is a reliable partner for joint national and international R&D projects. Our new, one-of-a-kind Test and Application Center L.I.N.K. enables us to test and demonstrate the performance for diverse scenarios expected in sports and athletics environments.