Wireless Distribution Systems Department

Wireless Distribution Systems

The Wireless Distribution Systems Department in Ilmenau works closely with the same-named chair at the Technical University Ilmenau. The department, which strives to transfer basic research results into application-oriented projects, focuses its research activities on communication device testing, transmission channel modeling and characterization and longwave communication systems.

Areas of focus:

  • Over-the-air testing in a virtual, electromagnetic environment (OTAinVEE)
  • Wave field synthesis (700 MHz – 3 GHz, conducted up to18 GHz)
  • Satellite link emulation (10/14 GHz Ku band, 20/30 GHz Ka band)
  • Emulation of mobile device scenarios (i.e. satellite terminals)

Transmission channel characterization and modeling

  • Land mobile satellite channel
  • Image-based channel modeling and prediction
  • VHF/UHF channel measurements and modeling

Longwave communication

  • Data distribution across wide areas
  • Radio ripple control

There is a wide selection of state-of-the-art equipment at the Ilmenau site highlighted by the Facility for Over-the-Air Research and Testing (FORTE), including a 50-meter antenna tower and lab facility with motion emulator.


FORTE – Facility for Over-the-Air Research and Testing

Publications of the Wireless Distribution Systems Department

New building in Ilmenau

Neubau Ilmenau
© Photo Beeg Lemke Architekten GmbH

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has been expanding its research facilities at the “Am Vogelherd” industrial park in Ilmenau since summer 2016.

The Fraunhofer IIS Wireless Distribution Systems (DVT) Department and the Advanced System Technology (AST) Branch of Fraunhofer IOSB are erecting a joint research facility on the premises. The building, with its open design, will be discreetly integrated into the local surroundings and will serve to attract residents, business guests, tourists and public officials to this part of the city.

The new building will intensify cooperation between the two research institutes, permit joint developments that will open up new markets and make it possible to create a research network with unique services.

The four-story facility, which boasts 3,400-square-meters of office, laboratory and training space, will be home to 212 employees. The 18,000-square-meter property offers room for future expansion. Construction costs are estimated at €25 million, of which 40 percent (€10 million) stems from the EFRE (European Regional Development Fund), 30 percent (€7.5 million) from the government of Thuringia and 30 percent (€7.5 million) from the federal government's basic fund for research institutes.