Digital System for Epidemiological Patient Monitoring

Anonymous data transfer for hospitals, health authorities and doctors’ offices


The pandemic management app provides health authorities and hospitals with a straightforward way of keeping in touch with patients as well as people placed in quarantine because they may have been infected with COVID-19. By answering a series of daily questions, patients can digitally transmit information relating to factors such as temperature, pulse rate and blood pressure without leaving home. The data is then made available to the treating physician or responsible health authority on a clearly structured dashboard. The goal is to guarantee the continuous monitoring of each patient’s condition, making it possible to intervene immediately should that condition drastically deteriorate.


Keeping in touch with people who are in quarantine due to a potential COVID-19 infection is a major challenge for health authorities and doctors alike. As things stand, health authorities are spending a great deal of time and manpower phoning patients to ask about their vital signs. Acute deteriorations in condition are being detected at a late stage, which delays patient admission and in the worst-case scenario can even exacerbate the progression of the illness.

Monitoring app that establishes a direct connection with patients at home

Our solution

We have developed a smart monitoring app that provides a direct connection between a patient, including those with COVID-19, and their hospital, health authority or doctor’s office. To guarantee close condition monitoring, each patient transmits the relevant vital parameters – temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate – daily from the comfort of their own home. By comparing these vitals with critical thresholds, a deterioration in the patient’s condition can immediately trigger a warning indicating that they should be admitted to the hospital.


Added value of the pandemic management app

  • Secure, anonymized system for hospitals, health authorities and other medical institutions in line with GDPR
  • Daily transfer of key vital parameter data increases both patient safety and quality of life
  • Helps optimize decisions regarding patient admission and discharge

Current situation

  • The pandemic management app is an approved medical device with a CE marking and is already being used by hospitals, doctors’ offices and pharmacies.


Fraunhofer IIS magazine

Helping health authorities cope with coronavirus

Christian Weigand heads the Mobile Health Lab in Bamberg, Germany, and works at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS. He explains how the pandemic management app can help support health authorities.

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Project Partner

The pandemic management app is the result of close collaboration with NeuroSys GmbH based in Ulm, Germany, and is available from that company’s website or from app stores.