Digital Health Systems – Anti-coronavirus projects

The COVID-19 pandemic is leaving its mark on everyday life, impacting the health of people and companies. Society and the economy are facing major challenges, as is the scientific community.

Fraunhofer IIS scientists are among those working every day to find ways out of the pandemic by translating project ideas into new technological and strategic developments and networking with other research institutions. These efforts are helping companies and society cope with the immediate impact and the resulting effects.  

Anti-Corona Projects


Diagnosis of disease progression – quick and reliable

A decentralized system for monitoring patients that enables early intervention should a patient’s condition suddenly deteriorate, using the example of COVID-19 sufferers.


Filter4Flow – A smart respiratory filter system

Smart virus filter for monitoring respiratory parameters close to the patient that can also be used in non-hospital environments. The patient’s condition is analyzed precisely and the appropriate measures taken.


Pandemic management app

The COVID-19 patient management app allows daily monitoring of patients at home, using questions to transmit the relevant data to health authorities.