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Automotive Applications

Developments in the automobile industry are always aligned specifically with regions and vehicle classes. For this reason, it's becoming increasingly important to differentiate in this area. Our developments involve the integration of high-performance electronics in the automobile. These correspondingly-equipped vehicles are well-suited for the environmental concepts of the future and offer drivers, passengers and other traffic participants increased safety. We offer tailored solutions for the safe and reliable mobility of tomorrow.

As a technology-independent innovator of mixed-mode designs and communication solutions, we successfully implement leading-edge technologies together with our customers.

Sample Applications


Non Contact Anti-Pinch Protection

Contactless anti-trap protection stops motorized doors and windows before they apply pressure, thereby avoiding painful trapping of fingers and serious injury. Intelligent, integrated 3D hall HallinOne® technology enables accurate positioning in electrically powered systems.

Driver Assistance Camera

The driver assistance camera features a CMOS polarization image sensor suitable for use in the automotive industry to suppress distracting reflections as it analyzes the road.

Automotive Data Transmission

The gigabyte-speed data transfer system APIX2® by Inova Semiconductors is a robust serial bus system designed for various automotive and industry applications. It transfers large volumes of data at high speed, achieving data rates of up to 3 Gbit/s when transferring video and peripheral data for display and camera applications. The PHY ID has been developed by Fraunhofer IIS.

Voltage Transformer

Fraunhofer IIS’s unique voltage transformer is capable of generating electricity even from tiny differences in temperature. This means that in-vehicle sensors or wireless radio transmitters can power themselves – and Fraunhofer IIS’s s-net® technology can ensure they use extremely little energy.

Embedded systems

Embedded systems are also playing their part in advancing mobility. Monolithically integrated 3D magnetic sensors (HallinOne®), for instance, monitor the charge state of car batteries, while the E-Car Communication Manager acts as a central platform that coordinates all the vehicle’s important communication interfaces.