Development of magnetic sensor systems

We develop complete sensor systems including customer-specific interfaces. In doing so, we use the appropriate simulation and calculation tools and develop suitable models and evaluation algorithms. We integrate these algorithms either into the circuits we develop or into customer systems.

Thereby we support our customers with the entire development process, from feasibility study up to market readiness.


Here you find more information on our technology:

HallinOne®        HallinSight®        HallinMotion®

Our range of services includes:

Development of integrated 3D magnetic field sensors

We offer:

  • Integration of 3D Hall sensors
  • Design of integrated analog and digital circuits
  • Development of circuits depending on requirements:
    • ASIC (application specific integrated circuit)
    • ASSP (application specific standard product)
    • IP (intellectual property)
    • Discrete circuit 

While conventional hall sensors can only measure magnetic fields positioned vertically to the chip surface, our integrated 3D Hall sensors technology measures also magnetic fields, positioned parallel to the chip surface. For each of the three magnetic axis, the sensor chip is equipped with a sensor. Due to the integration of several 3D sensors there can be realized applications, that are robust against magnetic interference fields.



  • Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMI)
  • Industry automation
  • Automotive
  • Control systems


Development of current sensors

We offer:

  • System design and simulation
  • Development of suitable algorithms for AC and/or DC current measurement
  • Development of customized Hall sensors ICs (ASICs)
  • Prototyping
  • Transfer to production/ Qualification
Basis for current sensors is the measurement of the magnetic field, created by electrical current. For this purpose, Hall elements are used, which can be implemented using an inexpensive standard CMOS process.



  • Monitoring of energy-efficient systems
  • Measurement of direct current for photovoltaic systems with solar converters
  • Current sensors for current distributor systems
  • Battery condition monitoring (e.g. internal resistance)

Algorithms for multidimensional position measurement

We offer:

  • 6D position measurement with HallinOne®
  • Investigation and drawing-up of system concepts
  • Analysis and redution of the effect of rotary and lateral motion in position systems
  • Safety analyses (FMEA, FMEDA, Safe failure fraction)
  • Development of customized Hall sensor ICs (ASICs)
  • Set-up of prototypes
  • Transfer to series production/ Qualification

»HallinMotion«, the algorithm developed at Fraunhofer IIS for multidimensional position measurement, allows to determine all six mechanical degrees of freedom with a single measurement system for the first time.

Smart self-monitoring also means that it can be used in safety-critical applications.



  • Control elements in the areas of automotive, household devices as well as in construction and agricultural machines
  • Chassis monitoring systems
  • Robotics

Further information you will find in our flyer.

Magnetic Measurement

We offer:

  • Measuring magnets, magnetic field sensors and integrated circuits
    • Characterization of magnetic fields
    • Determination of magnetic properties
    • Measuring performance of magnetic field sensors
  • Development and prototyping of magnetic field measurement instruments
    • Development of vectorial magnetic field measurement systems, based on our technology "HallinSight"
    • Calibration of magnetic field sensors
    • Development of 3D Helmholtz coils

Technical equipment in our lab:

  • Climate chambers and ThermoStream® for environmental simulations (temperature and humidity)
  • 3D Helmholtz coils and power sources
  • Hexapod for 6D positioning using additional rotational axis
  • Microscopy, liquid crystal analysis
  • IC packaging with manual and semi-automatic wire bonders
  • Electric measurement devices, constant current and voltage sources, signal generators, oscilloscope up to 2 GHz, network and spectrum analyzers
  • Keyence 3D printer for prototypes and lab material
  • Workshop for manual and CNC-guided material processing


  • Environment simulation
  • Quality assurance of magnetic systems
  • Calibration of magnetic field sensors
Further information on HallinSight® you will find in our flyer.


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