Current research projects in the field of Integrated Sensor Systems

We work with our customers to develop future-proof solutions for integrated sensor systems. As a research institute focused on applications, the practical benefits and commercial viability of our research findings take center stage. We support product development by sharing our expertise with our industry partners and by working closely with our customers to transform our findings and technologies into innovative products. We also support our partners in their bid to obtain public funding for highly scientific pre-competitive research projects.



Purpose of the research project:

  • Use of AI at various levels of the manufacturing process
Our contribution:
  • Development of a sensor interface ASIC
  • Fine-tuned for sensors that monitor the condition of equipment and real time process control
  • Energy-efficient feature extraction and
    local, on-sensor signal processing


Purpose of the research project:

  • Research of miniaturized, highly integrated and inexpensive optical sensors

Our contribution:

  • Design and simulation of the spectral characteristics of filter
  • IC-Design of sensors
  • Optical characteristic of the realized multispectral sensors


Purpose of the research project:

  • Development of a low-cost and miniaturized chip-technology for improved medical diagnosis, e.g. in ophthalmology  

Our contribution:

  • Development of evaluation electronics based on CMOS technology




Purpose of the research project:

  • Development of interactive micro-implants for targeted therapy of disturbed body functions

Our contribution:

  • Development of an electronic component (IC) with integrated, multi-channel, neuronal biosignal acquisition and electrical neurostimulation


Successfully completed research projects



Purpose of the research project:

  • Development of a miniaturized laboratory automation system for autonomous use in harsh environments for the detection of chemical substances in waste water

Our contribution:

  • Development of an evaluation ASIC for chemical sensors and energy harvesters in the waste water

Theranostic Implants

Purpose of the research project:

  • Development of "intelligent" implants with diagnostic functions

Our contribution:

  • Development of electronics to control the implants
  • Development of two ASICs for the multichannel acquisition of muscle and nerve signals


Purpose of the research project:

  • Further miniaturization of interactive sensors with high performance thanks to nanowire-based MEMS sensors

Our contribution:

  • Development of ASICs for the evaluation of MEMS axial sensors


Volker Peters

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