HallinOne®: Integrated Magnetic Field Sensor

With the integrated 3D Hall sensor technology HallinOne®, all three components of the magnetic field vector can be detected with one sensor chip. While conventional Hall sensors are only sensitive to magnetic fields oriented perpendicular to the chip surface, the HallinOne® sensor also measures magnetic fields that are aligned parallel to the chip surface. The integration of sensors, together with analog and digital signal processing, enables low-noise operation and the use of highly efficient algorithms, e.g. for contactless position measurement in one chip.


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Keyfacts and Benefits

Keyfacts Benefits
  • Measurement range: 20 mT - 10 T
  • Interference-proof systems, insensitive to temperature and external stray fields
  • Magnetic resolution: ca. 1 μT (all three axes)
  • Cost-effective production in large quantities using standard CMOS technology
  • Measurement speed: 1/10/100 ms
  • As an ASIC application tailored solution, copy protection, miniaturization

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