HallinMotion: Multi-dimensional position measurement

With the algorithms we developed for multi-dimensional position measurement »HallinMotion®«, for the first time all six mechanical degrees of freedom can be determined with just one sensor chip. A measuring system consisting of permanent or electromagnet and sensor chip enables very high measuring rates with the highest accuracy. Temperature fluctuations and external fields can be compensated so that they have no influence on the calculated position values.

The new algorithm can also be used where, with previous 1D or 2D systems, disruptive transverse movements have prevented greater accuracy. Existing applications can thus be made simpler and more robust.

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Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
  • Measurement contactless position measurement
  • Robustness against dirt and wear
  • High accuracy for a detection range of a few mm up to several cm
  • Generic approach for 1...6 DoF with identical hardware
  • Potential for numerous product designs with minimum R&D effort
  • Integrated circuit with sensors and electronics on one chip
  • Cost-effective products
  • Assembly space of only several cm³ for sensor board and magnet
  • Easy mechanical integration in various products

Human Machine Interfaces

  • Multi axis control elements
  • Control of CAD applications
  • Input device

Integrated Position Encoders

  • Air suspension
  • Chassis level sensors
  • Shock mount systems

Multi-Dimensional Vibration

  • Laundry scale
  • Unbalance detection

6D-Positioning measurement with HallinOne®