HallinPower®: Flexible current sensors from a few amperes to several mega amperes

Our expertise in current measurement includes both new and proven techniques: First and foremost is model-based current measurement, an innovative method that uses mathematical models and advanced algorithms to accurately measure current. This method is constantly evolving. In addition, we rely on established and robust methods such as the differential field principle, which uses the difference in magnetic fields for precise measurements, and the ring integral principle, which enables us to accurately measure currents by integrating the magnetic field along a path. This is how HallinPower® technology was created.

At a glance: Technical keyfacts and benefits

Keyfacts Benefits
  • Galvanic insulation
  • Robust measuring systems without shielding
  • Insensitive to overload
  • High dynamics, linearity and bandwidth
  • No magnetizable materials
  • DC and AC
  • Manufactured using standard CMOS technology
  • Simultaneous measurement of several currents
  • Installation during operation
  • Differential measurement
  • Cost-effective production
  • Small size due to system integration
  • Low weight due to elimination of cores
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Comparative evaluation of established and modern current measurement methods based on different properties

Our offer: Tailor-made electricity measurement solutions

We offer you support throughout the entire development process. This means:

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Development and optimization of the arrangement of magnetic sources and sensors
  • Elaboration of the signal processing
  • Realization of the electronics, both discrete and integrated
  • Development of measurements and production test procedures
  • Support with component and module qualification
  • Support during the start of series production and support in the analysis of returns during series production

Applications: Focus on energy efficiency

In times of the energy transition and the more sustainable use of resources, the precise measurement of currents in automobiles, industrial plants and smart homes has become a major focus. HallinPower® technology offers a comprehensive range of flexible solutions for a wide variety of requirements. Both proven methods for current measurement and modern approaches can be implemented. They enable quick installation and commissioning without calibration as well as the simultaneous measurement of several currents. Accordingly, HallinPower® is suitable for the following applications, for example:

  • Current sensors for power distribution systems
  • Monitoring of energy-efficient systems
  • Energy monitoring of photovoltaic systems with inverters
  • Battery condition monitoring, e.g. of the internal resistance
  • On-board power supply monitoring
  • Start/stop support without shunt
  • Charging infrastructure in electromobility
  • High current measurement in electrolysis processes

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