Camera Technology

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Image and Signal Processing

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Image Analysis

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Electronic Imaging

The Electronic Imaging department designs customer-specific camera systems for industrial and medical imaging applications as well as for the film and broadcast markets. Our areas of expertise cover the entire signal chain, starting with the image sensor, to the design of custom-tailored image processing algorithms, the development of signal processing hardware and software, and finally, software for intelligent image analysis.

Core Competencies

Image Sensors

  • Initial setup and operation
  • evaluation
  • application
  • structural design
  • casing
  • thermal management

Camera Systems

  • design and implementation of prototypes
  • hardware development (analog and digital circuitry, high-end and high-speed PCB design)
  • firmware (FPGA, DSP, microcontrollers)
  • software (interfaces, drivers, GUIs, image processing)
  • algorithms (De-bayering, color space transformation, color optimization)

Intelligent Systems

  • machine learning and computer vision
  • object detection
  • automated camera calibration
  • 3D algorithms